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Hoax (2023) Movie Review | Hoax The Kidnapping of Sherri Papini

Hoax 2023 Movie Review: The lifetime original film Hoax was released a few days back on the platform, The film is receiving mixed response from the critics, I just finished the film, and here goes the detailed review of the film.

The movie The Kidnapping of Sherri Papini is a hoax about a mother who was abducted while out for a jog, After being held captive for three weeks, she was freed and claimed that two Mexican women had abducted and tortured her. However, as the story goes on, we discover that she and her ex-boyfriend planned the entire kidnapping.

Marta Borowski directed this film, and she did an excellent job. Because this film is based on a true story, she must have had a lot on her plate. Often, films based on true stories are adapted into documentaries, but Marta Borowski did an excellent job of distinguishing herself in that respect.

Speaking of the main character Jaime King as Sherri Papini performed a fantastic job, Although there are not many actors in this film, Jaime King’s performance stands out to me as the highlight. She performed a terrific job, as her role needed to be somewhat mysterious for the audience in the first half. Additionally, the other casting for this film is also excellent as well.

Since this movie is a thriller, the sound, and music were essential to creating an experience that would keep you on the edge of your seat.

However, there are certain flaws in this film, like how they completely ignored the kids after the first half. And her actions when she managed to abduct herself in that way were completely illogical. They showed that she is missing her children and her mother and that this simply couldn’t happen. If she truly loved her children in that way, she ought to have considered this before allowing herself to be abducted.

The second issue that could have been improved is the time jump that was shown in the film. To ensure that the audience is aware of how swiftly things happen, a time gap is displayed on the screen. In the end, I think it might have been much better if they had given the investigation aspect more time.

It may be excellent viewing for you if you have not seen many crime documentaries or thriller movies.

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You will undoubtedly look for Sherri Papini after seeing this movie, and after reading news articles or seeing some videos, you will undoubtedly appreciate this film even more for exposing you to this type of incident.



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