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HIT The Second Case POST-Credits: The THIRD Case Announcement & Release Date

HIT The Second Case POST-Credits: HIT The Second Case has made its way to the theatres and it has been winning the audience’s heart. With a compelling storyline and the connection between its predecessor that was released in 2020, HIT The Second Case hailed by Dr. Sailesh Kolanu and Adivi Sesh is a story about a psychopathic killer that targets women who work in “Women’s Welfare”.

However, the backstory to why is he doing that is pretty compelling as well which makes for good story-writing.

HIT Franchise is particularly interested in making its future plans known straightforward without any cryptic messages like we know that the sequel is coming right at the end of the movie and that’s what exactly happens in HIT The Second Case.

After KD is fired from his job by his superior officer for not letting go of the case and still investigating it and KD’s girlfriend is kidnapped he cracks the case by identifying the person behind all the murders and ends up killing him. KD is asked back to join HIT by the same superior but then KD asks for a transfer to Telangana and he is informed of that during his wedding.

At the wedding itself, we see the person who will be handling the Vizag HIT Branch and that is none other than Nani playing Arjun Sarkaar who is a ruthless police officer. When he opens the car, we can see that he has already tied someone in the car itself as he takes the wedding present for the bride and groom.

Arjun Sarkaar has a reputation for not letting any criminal escape even if that comes at the price of innocent lives which is very well made known by Abhishek, the SP from the Hyderabad Branch who comes to Vizag while on an investigation of his own.

However, Dr. Sailesh Kolanu has not made any statements regarding the release of HIT The Third Case but we know that Nani will be playing the lead role in that.

HIT The Second Case is currently playing in the theatres near you.



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