Helmet Movie Review Zee5: Fresh, Unique But, Still Not Enough To Engage

Helmet Movie Review

Helmet Movie Review Zee5: Aparshakti Khurana starer Zee5 original film Helmet is now available on the Zee5, I just finished the film and here I am with the full detailed review of Zee5 original film Helmet, here we are going to talk about the Story, Performances and few more details about the film. The trailer of the film was very fresh and unique and it got the attention of lots of audiences, but does the film was same? here goes the full detailed review of the film.

The movie stars Aparshakti Khurana, Pranutan Bahl, Abhishek Banerjee, Asish Verma, and Anurita Jha in main lead roles, the film is directed by Satram Ramani and written by Gopal Mundhane. The film is approx 100 Minutes long and now available on Zee5 in Hindi audio along with the English subtitles. The film is not suitable to watch with family and Kids.


The plot of the film is about Lucky Played by Aparshakti Khurana, his friend’s Sultan (Played by Abhishek Banerjee), Minus (Played by Asish Verma), and his girlfriend (Played by Pranutan Bahl). Lucky is the singer in a local Music Band and he wants to Marry his girlfriend who belongs from very Rich family. After his all techniques to earn money fails, Lucky decided to the consignment of Mobile Phones and then earn in Lakhs by selling them. Lucky and his friends decide to loot the truck but there something happens which changes the whole scenario, what was that and will Lucky be able to Marry his girlfriend, to know this you have to watch the full movie on Zee5.


Aaparshakti Khuaran was decent with his role, he needs lots of improvement, his expressions were a little lifeless and he struggles during the emotional scenes. Pranutan Bahl was decent but she was struggling during the dialogue delivery at few sequences. I don’t know why but she lacks confidence in her character in a few places. She looks pretty, her body language was decent, still, she needs lots of improvement too.

Abhishek Banerjee was brilliant in his roles, we had seen him in some amazing roles like Hathoda Singh in Patal Lok and in a brilliant comic role in blockbuster stree. By looking at his previous role and performances, this role looks very average still he manages to make it best with his awesome dialogue delivery and brilliant expressions. Asish Verma’s character was made to make us laugh, but sadly it fails to do so most of the time, although he was good in his role, the overall character fails to impress me. The rest of the other characters like Sharib Hashmi and Arunita Jha were decent in their roles.


I started watching the film with tons of expectations and I think this was the biggest mistake, by looking at the star cast, I was so sure that this film will deliver something great but sadly it falls flat. The idea of the film was amazing but the film lacks that basic comedy element. Laughs are very rare in the film and all credit goes to poor script and this film proves again that only a great idea is not enough to execute a great film. We had already seen this in Bala and Ujda Chaman.

The script and screenplay of the film need lots of improvement, there are lots of logic fewer scenes, which makes no sense at all, there is a scene where one of the actors enters the courtroom and asks Advocate to sell condoms, and surprisingly he agrees on that for the shake of few bucks. The film is very short in duration still it feels dull and lifeless most of the time. the execution was very poor and the same was with the lead performances. The music of the film was decent, the looks real and the supporting cast was good.

  • Name Of The film: Helmet
  • Release Date: 3rd Sept. 2021
  • Platform: Zee5
  • Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended?: NO
  • Family-Friendly?: No

I am going with 2 out 5 stars for the film, there is nothing special in the film, the film fails to engage us in spite of having such amazing idea. If you still want to watch the film, You can watch the full movie on Zee5. The film is available in Hindi audio with subtitles, Avoid watching it with kids and family.

This was our Helmet Movie Review, Please drop down your opinions about the film in the comment section below, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us. You can also follow us on social media for faster updates.

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