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Hello Tomorrow Episode 1: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Hello Tomorrow Episode 1 Apple Tv+:  “Hello Tomorrow!”, a new Science-Fiction Dramedy TV Series has recently been released on AppleTV+. Starring Billy Crudup along with Hank Azaria and other actors, it tells the story of a group of traveling salesmen who are selling timeshares on the moon in a futuristic world.

The first 3 Episodes of this series are out now and if you’re interested in what happened in those Episodes, you’re at the right place.

Recap & Summary

Jack Billings is a traveling salesman who handles a team of 3 who go town to town selling timeshares on the moon. The Episode starts off with Jack selling a timeshare to a hopeless man sitting in a bar. Jack is a charming and persuasive salesman, probably the most capable in all of his team which is why he’s handling them.

His team includes Eddie, Shirley, and Herb, of which Herb is the newest member of the team.

Eddie and Shirley are sort of together and the others do not know about this because Shirley is married. Herb, on the other hand, has two babies coming anytime soon and needs the money so he works hard.

Jack, in his speeches, gives importance to families and preaches that he’s already booked his family a place on the moon but the truth is something else. He’s divorced and he has a son which he’s not seen for almost 20 years now. His mother lives in an old age home which he seldom visits and it takes an emergency situation for him to come to visit, which his mother does after Jack’s wife gets crushed by an automated robotic vehicle.

In this futuristic world, man has been replaced by robots in every way you can think of, even pets have been replaced. We see a world that is so automated with robots that it’s scary.

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Even newspapers are being delivered by robots, deliveries, cars do not have wheels anymore and the most important of them all, you don’t need to tie a tie by yourself, it ties itself automatically.

This was all about the Hello Tomorrow Episode 1 Recap, Summary, and Ending Explained, Please let us know in the Comments.



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