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Gulu Gulu Tamil Movie Review: Crazy And Fun

Gulu Gulu Tamil Movie Review: Gulu Gulu, a Tamil Language Film starring Santhanam in the main role has released on OTT after its theatrical release on 29th July 2022. The film had received average reviews from the audience and for being a Black Action Road Comedy, it crossed the milestone for an entertainer.

With a runtime of more than 2 Hours, the film does not let you get bored and the writer/director Rathna Kumar has written and shot it in a way that you do not stray away and it leaves you with good giggles in between. Here’s our review of the film

Gulu Gulu is about a guy that everyone calls “Google” who’s infamous for his bad habit of helping people who are in need because of his bad habit, he’s approached by 3 guys who were scratching their heads because of their plan to kidnap their friend failed when another gang kidnapped him first, That’s how Google gets involved.

There’s a great backstory about Google as well that is thoughtful. Along the way, the group picks up another person and that’s how the story goes on, with a policeman and a duo of Gang Mafia is after them and another girl. This all might sound like a stew that is badly made but turns out, it’s a fun ride.

Santhanam has done his role beautifully and the ensemble cast does not get shadowed by Santhanam which is a great thing about this movie. Every character has something to offer and every character contributes. The credit for that goes to the writer and director. However, the movie is not all good.

There are a couple of problematic statements in there that might come off as racist profiling. There’s this scene where the antagonist has captured a Chinese Guy for questioning and they’ve hanged him upside down with a bag over his head with a mouse in it and when opened, he seemed to have eaten that mouse.

The racist part comes when the antagonist says that “These People will eat anything and for torturing him, we need to feed him green vegetables”. This is a racist comment and even if it was not included in a film, it would’ve been okay and we wouldn’t be writing about this.

Overall, the film isn’t perfect and if you ignore its cons, it stands tall and gives you good entertainment. However, if you’re up to date with your Tamil Movies, it might make you remember Nelson’s Doctor XD.



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