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Grilling Season A Curious Caterer Mystery Ending Explained

Grilling Season A Curious Caterer Mystery Ending Explained: The movie started great but ended kind of predictable, and for those who want to know the ending explanation of the film, here it goes.

Anyway, the movie started with Susie’s birthday party and the caterer at the party is Goldy our main character in this movie. So, we got to know that Susie married the ex-husband of Goldy Richard and now Goldy is a single mom with a daughter. But the divorce is mutual so Richard and Goldy are still friends.

And at the party, their ex-husband of Susie is also invited. Then get too close and Richard found out that Susie’s ex-husband left the home at 2 in the night and he thinks that Susie is cheating on him. The neighbor Dennis is also invited to the party but not because Susie wanted but because Richard asks her to. Susie is very angry with Dennis because he complained about her sometimes.

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When Richard thinks that Susie is cheating on him he left the party with Dennis to get some coffee at Dennis’s home, When the party ended the last person Susie talks to is her lawyer, Fran. And then the next morning everyone got the news of Susie’s accident and that she died. Goldy business catering also gets affected by this because people think that Goldy has something to do with that so she tries to find who killed Susie.

The killer was Dennis. He had his secret experiment going on in Africa on terrorists. And when Dennis asks Susie to sell her house at the party, she said Fran to look at him. And on that birthday night when Fran visit Susie, she told her the truth about Dennis and that Dennis saw through the window and that is why he killed Susie and took that file containing the truth with him.

And because now Fran also knows then he tried to call her and said that he want to settle this matter with money and ask her to get that money in a silent area and also killed her.

And to show the police that this is all done by Richard he also tried to get him in this and got all the attention on him away. But when Goldy found out about the files that Fran hide Dennis kidnapped her.

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But all Kidnapping got recorded on CCTV and by that the police found out about that and safely rescue her and Richard. Dennis also tries to kill Richard because there is no need for him now on his plan.



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