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Gianni Guido, Andrea Ghira, Angelo Izzo Where Are They Now? | Netflix

Gianni Guido, Andrea Ghira, Angelo Izzo Where Are They Now?: Netflix’s new film titled “The Catholic School” has been released recently and is a re-telling of one of the most brutal crimes to come out, this is a story worth telling to people who are not aware of this.

Now the film has been released that focuses on the life of the privileged and how being privileged came wasn’t so easy because there were some standards that you were expected of, the film sheds light on that, on the lives of the 3 perpetrators. However, it does not sympathize with what the perpetrators did, in any way.

However, the question that arises in our minds is whether those 3 perpetrators i.e., Gianni Guido, Andrea Ghira, and Angelo Izzo captured by the police.

Well, not completely. After the two young girls (Donatella Colasanti and Rosaria Lopez) are tortured, raped multiple times, beaten, and harassed for a whole day and night were beaten and put in the trunk of the car and left for Rome. After being beaten by a bar, Donatella pretended to be dead. It wasn’t until later that a night watchman heard Donatella’s screaming cries for help when the boys had stopped to eat at a restaurant and they were rescued.

After the three of the perpetrators were taken an action against, Rosario Lopez’s family accepted compensation of 100 Million and did not sue but Colasanti sued them. While Andrea Ghira had managed to escape after getting caught, the remaining two were captured and the three of them were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Gianni Guido

After being sentenced to prison, he managed to escape but was arrested after two years. He followed up with another escape but was captured again in 2009, he was pardoned, and his sentence was reduced, releasing him. He lives in Rome now.

Andrea Ghira

He managed to flee the law enforcement from Rome and created a false identity under the name of Massimo Testa de Andrés and became a drug addict. He died of an overdose in Spain in 1994.

Angelo Izzo

After his imprisonment, he escaped during a prized leave but was arrested in Paris, and later he obtained a semi-release where he used to go to during the day and returned to Prison at night.

In 2005, he killed two women named Maria Carmela & Valentina Maiorano for which he was sentenced again to life imprisonment.




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