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Gadar 2 Day 30 Advance Booking | 30th Day Advance Collection

Gadar 2 Day 30 Advance Booking: “So, its all over for the Gadar 2 At the box office. The movie is very low in terms of advance booking. It’s not the film’s fault; the movie is going to complete one month on big screens. Gadar 2 has earned 510 Crores, which is impressive. The good thing is that Gadar 2 is still available with 3-4 shows daily on average.

This movie was released on Independence Weekend, and now the movie is very dull at the box office. Gadar 2 is still 14 Crores away from the collection of Pathaan, and it looks very tough now to compete with Pathaan.

As per our reports, Gadar 2 is arriving on OTT soon, but not early. You’ll have to wait for 2-3 weeks. Zee5 will announce it soon. After Pathaan, Gadar 2 is the second blockbuster till now. Let’s see which movie breaks the records of both movies.

Till now, Gadar 2 has sold more than tickets 6k the collection from advance booking is in 7 Lakhs lakhs. Day by day, Gadar 2 is getting dull at the box office.

Total 30th Day Advance Bookings: 7-8 Lakhs.



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