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Fred “Shred” Taylor In ‘Animal Control’ | Actor Name, Fox Tv

Fred “Shred” Taylor In ‘Animal Control’: Joel McHale is back with another sitcom after Community and this time he brought animals with him. We’re talking about Animal Control, the new FOX sitcom that premiered this week which tells us about the lives of local animal control workers led by Frank played by Joel McHale.

Frank is very opinionated and has had a rough past in his time in the Police Force. If you’re interested in who else plays what in this sitcom, you’re at the right place.

Fred “Shred” Taylor Is Played by Michael Rowland who is a very positive person and was a national-level snowboarder who hurt his knee right before the Olympics and now works alongside Frank. He’s also on a mission to get Frank warmed up to him more and accept as his partner.

What do you think about this character in the show? did you like it?, Please let us know in the comments.



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