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Frank In The Locksmith – Who Plays Frank?

Frank In The Locksmith: The Character of Frank Is Played by Jeffrey Nordling, Many of you were asking more about him and here we are going to tell you about His name and some more details about the character ‘Frank’ of the film.

Frank is a friend of Millers who picks him up from prison when he got out. Frank got a store Locksmith so he also gave Miller a job in there and a place to stay. And also guided Miller on the right path telling him how his ex-fiancé was growing his daughter alone for the last 10 years when you are in prison and that now you need to stay clean and be with his daughter.

Also, when he robbed one last time, he told him that what you have done is wrong and you should tell everything to Beth then she will help him to get out of this, and in the end, he had to. It’s sad how the best character in the movies didn’t get that much attention.

I mean when everything ends happily in the movie, they just forgot frank and didn’t even show the funeral.



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