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Farzi Ending Explained: What Happens In End? | Prime Video

Farzi Ending Explained Raj & Dk is back with the new black comedy crime thriller drama series Farzi, which has a huge cast like Shahid Kapoor, Kay Kay Menon, Vijay Sethupathi, Raashi Khanna, and more.

This series is written by Sita Menon and Suman Kumar and follows the story of Sunny, who creates fake notes. It revolves around the note scam, which Michael has to solve.

In this article, I am going to write about the ending explanation of this series, which created more doubt at the end, whereas this series is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Recap & Summary

In episode 8, we see that Rekha wins custody and has full authority over their son while they are divorced, but Michael still has limited access to his son. Following that scene, they plan to trap the artist in the parking lot, but the artist, aka Sunny, discovers that Megha is the means by which they intend to trap him.

After that, Firoz and Sunny try to escape, but during their escape, they release all the notes that people start picking up, and during that time, they are able to escape from the police. And then, we see that Mansoor wants to get rid of Sunny, and his friend Jamal comes and picks them up and wants to kill them in the safe house, but Sunny already has something planned, and with the help of Firoz’s friends, they successfully escape from their Mansoor goons.

When we find that Sunny knows that now they plan to kill his Nannu and his uncle and tell them to escape from their house, we find that they have already burned the Kranti newspaper house while his Nannu is still alive, as he is now burned and dead, whereas Sunny is now in full grip due to the death of his Nannu, where he tells Firoz to leave and wait for him on the railway platform as his father did.

Ending Explained – Sunny’s next plan

Sunny decides to exact revenge on his Nannu, and he goes to the safe house where they keep all the notes, where he kills Jamal that night and also kills some goons with guns, and at the end, he also kills Jitu, Mansoor’s left man, and then he opens the vault with Jitu, where Jitu receives the video call from Mansoor.

Following that, Sunny appears in the call, and in the video call, he burns the entire supernote currency and tells him that this is not the end, where we finally see that the facial recognition software is about to print Sunny’s match, where we see that Sunny is now in beast mode to exact all revenge, and the series ends.

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This is all about the series’ ending explanation, as well as a quick recap, in which we clear up any confusion about how Sunny will take his revenge and learn more about him in the next season. Let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.



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