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Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Netflix) Review All Episodes

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Review: Extraordinary Attorney Woo is an ENA drama streaming on Netflix. There’s a total of 16eps in this series. The series is undoubtedly the best legal drama in 2022 for sure. It’s the finest TV series with a gripping storyline.

The drama is fantastic in many ways. The reason which makes it a must-watch is its episodic nature. The show is really addictive due to all the sweet moments of romance and friendship plots. Woo Young-Woo (Park Eun-Bin), is a smart autistic young woman, she totally nailed her character through her performance for real, she is the heart of this show.

There are too many hilarious scenes in the series which literally make our belly burst. Plus we really do see her exemplary acting of autism. It helps us empathize and understand people on the spectrum better. She also loves kimbap and water mammals which is really cute.

In the series, from dialogue delivery to performances everything connects us well with the characters. Series is far away from the word ‘boring’. The eureka whale moments are just lovely. Didn’t get it right? Then you gotta watch it and know what it means.

The pace of this drama is great and lags nowhere. And the writing is well written by Moon Ji-Won. Each episode is a new law case that Young-Woo has to work on, as well as showing further progression in Woo Young-Woo (Park Eun-Bin) and her co-worker Lee Jun-ho’s (Kang Tae-Oh) relationship. Not only is the plot easy to follow, but has a refreshing flair to it, one that is light-hearted, unique, and sends a great message about how society should support and treat those physically or mentally disabled equally, and despite someone’s mental dysfunctions, people should have each other’s backs instead of bringing each other down.

There’s sensitivity, humor, and kindness that Park Eun-Bin brings with the portrayal of her as Attorney Woo. Honestly, this series is another remark of her career best. Previously she bagged Baeksang Award for her performance in The King Affection.

Overall, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a highly recommended binge-worthy k-drama that you shouldn’t skip. It’s the best drama in recent times.

Rating: 3.5/5

This was our review for this series. Drop your thoughts if you’ve finished it.


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