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Emancipation Movie True Story? | Peter Real Life Name, Image | Apple Tv

Emancipation Movie True Story: Will Smith’s latest movie Emancipation, which is directly released on Apple TV+, is a historical action film that follows the story of an enslaved man, whose character is played by Will Smith.

This film is receiving mixed reviews on the internet, with some fans praising it and others dismissing it as overhyped and now many of were asking about the real story behind the film, So here go the Details;

Is this movie based on the real story or not?

In this article, I am going to describe whether the movie is really based on a true story or not. Now for that, we find that this movie is based on the real-life story of Gordon, whereas in the movie his name is changed to Peter, whose role is played by Will Smith, and he is a former soldier and also has a keen interest in photography in that era. where we also see his photograph, which was done in 1863, titled “The Scourged Back,” and was also published worldwide by Harper’s Weekly magazine.

Who was Gordon, aka Peter, in real life?

In the movie, we see that Peter (played by Will Smith) is a slave named Gorden, but due to certain changes to Peter, The film is about him, although the details are not available in the Public domain, you can have a look at a famous Picture of Him, Peter was the first slave and later he Joins the USA Army.

Black and white photo of an African Haitian man whose bare back is covered in keloid scars.

Is Film Based On True Story?

As the film fully immersed itself in Peter’s true story, showing every aspect of him, we also see his backstory, his wife and family, and how his people are being enslaved by them. Whereas they hide some details to remove themselves from controversy, it still takes a major story from real life.

Emancipation is now streaming on Apple TV+.



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