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Eli In Rough Diamonds: Who Plays, Actress Name, Character Explained

Eli In Rough Diamonds:: Robbie Cleiren plays Eli Wolfson, the sibling of Noah, and Els Dottermans plays Jo Smets, the prosecutor. Eli is immature and doesn’t understand business at all, which causes people to try to cross him in business due to his lack of talent. Eli has made deals with Salman Karim for Yankie, and Salman doesn’t pay them on time.

Noah gets easily manipulated by others, and Benny tries to manipulate Eli by asking him to take all the shares on his name, for which he meets Fogal and tries to make a deal with him.

Prosecutor Smets traps Eli and asks him to work for her. She arranges a secret camera and makes him take a photo of the transactions of the money-laundering bank. At the last moment, Eli backs off from his statement and tells Smets that he cannot become a traitor to his own family and tells her to do whatever she wants. Smets conducts a police raid on the day of Eli’s daughter’s wedding, due to which suppliers stop supplying stones to them.

Noah then calls Smets and tells her that he knows the real location of the diamonds. Smets is hell-bent on not signing the settlement and also refuses to accept Noah’s deal. The heads also threaten Smets that she would be fired for going against their orders.

Smets doesn’t give a damn about it but finally agrees to sign the settlement and arrests Kerra after Noah traps her by giving her the location where the diamonds were located.



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