Ek Mini Katha Review (Telugu) Amazon Prime Video

Ek Mini Katha Review Amazon Prime Video: Telugu movie Ek Mini Katha is now available to watch on amazon prime video, the movie released as direct to OTT release as the pandemic continues, I just finished the film on amazon prime video and here I am going to talk about the positives and negatives of the film, I would talk about the plot, performances and few more details from the film.

The movie stars Santosh Shoban, Kavya Thapar, and Shradha Das in main lead roles, the movie also stars Brahmji, Kesav Deepak, Sudarshan and others, the movie is directed by Karthik Rapolu and Merlapaka Gandhi has penned the film, the movie is approx 90 minutes long and now available on Prime Video in Telugu audio along with English subtitles. The movie has some strong dialogues so it is not suitable to watch with family and Kids.


The plot of the film is somewhat similar to the Bollywood film Shubh Mangal Savdhan, the movie is about the Young man Santosh, who is Suffering from Micro Penis Syndrome, due to this he feels very uncomfortable with women, but things went very different for him when he has to marry Amrutha (Kavya Thapar), to hide is a syndrome, he starts avoiding the first night with Amrutha and in all between these he took the help from Godwoman. What would be the end of this ? and how he would face his wife, to know the full story you have to watch the full movie on Prime Video.


The movie has some good performances especially by the main lead cast, I liked the character of Darshan the most. Sudharshan in the role of Darshan as Santosh friend was amazing, his comic timing and dialogue delivery was treated to watch, he is all over the film and he is the biggest positives from the film, Kavya Thapar looks amazing in her role, she looks pretty and she is ruling the movie from her charm, Santosh Shoban was good too in his role, he struggles a little bit during the intensely emotional scenes, but still, it was good to watch him in this role.

Sharadha Das was decent in the role of God woman, well I think these types of roles are not meant for her and it was uncomfortable to accept her in the role, although she tried her best to perform, I found her character a little forced and unfunny. Last but not the least, the character of Giri Played by Sapthagiri was also funny and his conversation with Santosh took the comedy to next level. The rest of the other characters were decent in their roles.


I liked the execution of the film, although the plot was very predictable the way film was made, it was just awesome, the dialogue was good and it would make me laugh hard sometimes, the movie was a mix of comedy, Romance and some dram, although the climax was little inspired from Bollywood dramas still it was okayish. I didn’t like the first 20 minutes of the film, there was no need for that, the editing was a little bit poor and the length of the film i little long. The music of the film was decent and the locations were amazing.

Although the movie has nothing like thrilling or suspenseful elements, still it keeps you hooked till the end, the story is completely entertaining except in a few places.

  • Name Of The Film: Ek Mini Katha
  • Platform: Prime Video
  • Language: Telugu
  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Did I Liked It?: Yes
  • Recommended?: Yes
  • Family-Friendly?: No


I am going with 3 out of 5 stars for the film, the movie is a good light-hearted comedy that you can watch this weekend on Prime Video, please don’t watch it with parents and kids as the movie is not suitable for the family watch. Go with normal expectations and regular drama and you would love this. The movie is available in Telugu audio along with English subtitles on prime video.

This was our review of the Amazon Prime Video original film, Ek Mini Katha, what are your thoughts about it?, please let us know in the comment section, for more quick reviews, stay tuned with STREAMINGDUE.

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  1. ek mini katha
    First half is superb
    Especially Sapthagiri comedy is one of +point
    2nd half is somewhat lag
    Last 30 min 🔥🔥
    My rating 3.5/5


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