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Easter Eggs In “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law” Episode 4

Easter Eggs In “She-Hulk: Disney+ has released the 4th Episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law titled “This Not Real Magic?” with a runtime of a little over 30 minutes. Continued from where we were left off in the 3rd Episode, this Episode had recurrent Wong who seems to be having some Legal Trouble related to Mystic Arts. It also had this one Easter Egg that a lot of early MARVEL Fans would relate to.

As rightly said by Jen in the Episode, it’s always nice to see Wong and his presence in this Episode overshadowed whatever Jen was doing or going through, at least for me. This Episode focused on an Ex-Kamar Taj Magician who was banned from the Kamar Taj but he is still practicing Magic under the name of Donny Blaze which rings a bell, does it not? Maybe if you go back to the year 2007 then you’ll remember. Wong reaches out to Jen to press legal charges on Donny so he stops practicing magic after a girl Madison is sent via a portal to Wong’s place in Nepal.

Donny Blaze still keeps doing that magic and in doing so, he portals demons from another dimension which keep growing in size for which Wong seeks help from Jen while she’s on a romantic date at her place after she creates an account as She-Hulk, and gets instant matches.

In the end, after sending those Demons to another dimension maybe someplace cold in the mountains, the Episode ends with Jen receiving a court order in which Titania (The woman we saw in Episode 1 who gets defeated by a punch from She-Hulk) is pressing charges for using the name She-Hulk which was already Trademarked by Titania: The Superpowered Influencer.

The Episode was still not up to MARVEL standards that we’ve been seeing has been dropping gradually but Wong’s side story made up for it.

The fact that Wong, The Sorcerer Supreme is watching The Sopranos & This Is the US, is very humanizing and awesome to see. More to it, he also has a company now, the girl who was sent via the portal, Madison. Wong & her seem to be getting along and that’s very sweet.



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