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Did Sam Kill The Guy He Kidnapped? The Patient Episode 4

Does Sam Kill The Guy He Kidnapped: HULU’s The Patient is back with another Episode titled “Company” which is an apt title because Sam, after being held captive now has a company with him which is not a good thing, after all.

Towards the end of Episode 3, we saw that Sam had kidnapped someone and brought that person at night, blindfolded, and kept him captive in another room close to Alan. Sam does not kill him because Alan had asked him to discuss it before he makes a decision to kill someone or has near those feelings about someone.

Alan has company in this Episode and they talk about what’s happening and about their family as well in which we see a recap of Alan’s life which had a family dinner in which his son, who was not that close with his mother was being treated at the dinner. Alan’s memory of his family was not about how his son was treated differently by his wife.

The other captive, Elias Petraki is the person who created the dish that we saw in Episode 1 which was Pastitsio & Udon Noodles from where Sam had brought food for him and Alan.

This Episode was a lot of struggles for Sam because he was forced to go to work when he could not think of anything else other than killing the other captive and we do not know what did he do to piss him off. Moreover, Alan is trying to buy more time for Elias and Sam as well. Alan had asked Sam to go visit his ex-wife so he could maybe revisit that emotional bond that he once had rather than focusing all his might on killing Elias.

We do not know what is going to happen but this surely is interesting to see. Keep tuned for the next Episode on HULU.



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