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Ditto (2022) Summary & Ending Explained

Ditto (2022) Summary & Ending Explained: Ditto is a South Korean Romantic Fantasy Drama Film released in 2022, there are some questions that were left answered in the film, Here we are going to answer the same, we are going to answer the question Does Kim Yong change his past or not? and many more.

It’s 1999 and the story follows Kim Yong, a mechanical engineering student who is not happy about his life. He wants to become a writer and wants to drop out of the University, but can’t, In 1999 there were 17 female students who joined their colleagues and one of them was a topper the University couldn’t reach her, so Kim Yong contacted her and asked her to come to the meeting and promised her that he will show her everything in this University.


Kim Yong met her and her name was Seo Han-sol. Kim started to like her after seeing her, then Kim Yong takes Seo with him and shows him every club in University, The two pass by a room where there was a Ham Radio and Han-sol was very enthusiastic about it and wants to learn how to use the ham radio and ask Kim if he knows anyone who can help her learning Ham radio, Kim reply and said that everyone is busy and no one has that time to teach. Kim takes Han-sol to the restaurant where everyone was meeting, then a senior comes and starts to spoil their meetup, so Kim insults the senior and leaves that place.

Kim Yong was in shock after seeing Han-sol and he also left that place. Kim exits the restaurant and finds that Han-sol is waiting for him, Kim helps Han-sol and goes with her to her dorm. Kim asks Han if she can go with him for dinner and Han-sol says yes to it.

Kim asked his friend Kim Eun-seong to give him Ham’s Radio and Kim gave him the Radio. Kim then meets Han-sol and Han-sol explains that she wants to become an Engineer and asks Kim what he wants to be Kim replies that he wants to kiss Han-sol and after knowing what he says he feels very embarrassed, Kim leaves that place and goes to his home.

Kim hears that someone is trying to talk with him through Ham Radio. Kim Mu-nee is on ham radio. Kim Mu-nee asks Kim Yong if she wants to interview a stranger for his assignment and she is studying at the same university as him. Kim Yong then asks how she is using that Ham radio, Mu-nee said that she has a Ham Radio book. Kim Yong says that he wants that book and Kim Mu-nee asks if she can interview him. The two said yes to each other and said to meet at a place in the University.

Kim Yong waited at the place for 2 Hours and left that place, then we saw Kim Mu-nee who was in the same place, but it was raining outside and she was also waiting for him. Kim Mu-nee is actually from 2022. Oh, Young-ji comes to Kim Mu-nee with his Umbrella and asks Kim Mu-nee to not wait.

Oh, Young-ji is the love interest of Kim Mu-nee, and the two like each other, but can’t say it to each other. Kim Mu-nee talked to Kim Yong on the ham radio and rant at him and she was not happy about what happened the same as Kim Yong.

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Then the two find out about the Year, the two can’t believe this and think that it’s just someone pranking. The two started talking to each other every night and start sharing what’s been happening in their life. Kim Yong talk about his love life, so Kim Mu-nee give some advice on it and it started working for Kim Yong. Kim Yong asks My-new about her love life and Mu-nee explains everything.

Kim Mu-nee asks Kim Yong if he knows his father because his father also studied at the same university in 1999 and his name is Kim Eun-Seong, she is talking through his father’s old ham radio. Kim Yong said that he also used Eun-seong’s Ham radio. Mun-ree then asks if she knows her mother Han-sol!!. Kim Yong was in shock after hearing this, he cut the mic.

The next day Kim Yong sees Han-sol and Eun-seong together and starts fearing. Kim Yong became very protective towards Han-sol and it made Han-sol very awkward. In a Basketball match, Kim Yong sees Eun-seong and Han-sol talking to each other and that makes Kim Yong very angry that he punched Eun-seong and left the place.

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Kim Yong asks on the ham radio to My-knee if Han-sol is happy and living her life. Than Kim Yong finds out that his turtle was not in his place, Kim Yong starts finding his turtle then he sees Eun-Seong and Han-sol together with his turtle and sees the happy face of Han-sol. Kim Yong doesn’t go to her and leaves that place crying.

Does Kim Yong Change his Future?

Kim Yong didn’t change his future, he left that place and became a writer. Kim leaves Han because he didn’t think he was worthy of her. Han wants to live a good life and Kim might not give that life because he was not good at studying and wants to become a writer, and becoming a writer was not that easy. That’s why Kim Yong left Han-sol.

What happened to Kim Mu-nee?

Kim Mu-nee tried to contact him, but she failed. Kim started feeling guilty. Kim Mu-nee completed his assignment. Then Oh Young-ji finds out about Kim Yong. Kim Yong is now a writer and he is going to give an autograph. Kim Mu-nee goes to that place and finds out that Young was happy with what he is now. Yong then confessed her love to Oh Young-ji and they were very happy.

In a post-credit scene, we see Kim Yong give that Yellow Umbrella to Oh Young-ji.



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