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Dhindora Season 2 Release Date | Episode 9 Date | BB Ki Vines

Dhindora Season 2 Release Date: Audiences goes crazy in the last episode of Bhuvan Bam Youtube original web series Dhinodra, after the end of episode 8 many of our readers are spammed in our telegram channel and Insta handles about the release date and update of the next episode i.e episode 9 or the season 2 of the Dhindora, here we are going to answer all your questions regarding the BB ki Vines web series Dhindora.

Dhindora was a youtube original web series created and Performed by Bhuvan Bam aka BB ki Vines, the web series also stars Gayatri Bhardwaj in the supporting roles. First, let me clear to you all that there will be No episode 9 of the dhindora, the season 1 ends here and there will be no more releases, so if you are waiting for the next episode and thinking that it will release next week, then you are wrong.

Now coming to season 2, Is season 2 coming? the answer is Most Probably Yes, the show was written by Bhuvan in such a way that it ends at a cliffhanger and he successfully managed to do it, now the fans are waiting for the release of season 2 and we are sure that Bhuvan will come with that too. Now coming to the release date, there is no official release date announced yet, but you can expect season 2 of the series after September 2022.

So if you are waiting for season 2 of the Dhindora you have to wait for at least a year, the shooting, Scripting, and many other kinds of stuff for season 2 is yet to be done and we will update it whenever it begins, till then stay tuned with us and follow us for more news and updates regarding the OTTs and film.



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