Dhamaka Review: Kartik Aaryn’s Thriller Lacks Logic

Dhamaka Review

Dhamaka Review: The film was in news for the last 3-4 months, makers decided to release it directly on Netflix and finally the film was released on Netflix on 19th Nov. 2021 on Netflix in Hindi, here I am going to review the film and I am going to tell you some good and bad aspects of the film.

The film stars Kartik Aaryan in the main lead, along with Mrunal Thakur, Amruta Subhash and Vikas Kumar in supporting roles. The movie is directed by Ram Madhvani and produced by RSVP Films. The movie is approx 100 Minutes long and now available in Hindi audio with subtitles on Netflix. You can watch the film with family and Kids. Let’s jump to the review.

The movie starts in a Radio Studio where Arjun Pathak, EX- Prime Time Anchor get a terror call, to get back his Prime Time slot, Arjun decides to broadcast the show on Live TV, what happened next?, and who was the man behind all the explosions?, to know this you have to watch the full movie on Netflix.

Coming to the Performance, The Film is Kartik Aryan show, He tried all his best to portray the role of a Prime News anchor, he almost nailed it, but he lacks that expression at few tense situations, the roles needs more seriousness and sometimes Kartik lacks that too. This one is one of the best from Kartik Aayan but a role like this needs more intensity and seriousness.

Amruta Subhash was very good in her role and it looks like she is living the character, she was too good, her expressions, body language everything was just superb. Mrunal Thakur was also good in the role of Wife of Arjun Pathak and she had played her brilliantly. The rest of the other actors were also good.

The story of the film lacks that logic, the screenplay is decent, the climax was amazing but sill that film fails to create that magic overall, there are many illogical sequences in the film, ATS can’t trace the phone call even in 2-3 hours, A random person fits Bomb in Ear Peace of Minister’s Deputy and Anchor, A Randon person fits bomb in Huge News building and many others, You will get to know about many other illogical things and sequences in the film.

The film looks more like a film set, the film lacks reality, the VFX was very poor, the blast sequences look childish and the film looks very dull in the middle. The music of the film was decent, the last outro song from the film was good.

I am going with 1.5 out of 5 stars for the film, The film is illogical and lacks reality, Kartik Aryan is decent but that one is not enough to make the film great, I will suggest you to skip the film, But, if you are a fan of Kartik Aryan you can watch the film on Netflix. The film is suitable to watch with family and Kids.

This was Dhamaka Review, what are your thoughts about the film, Please let us know in the comment section.

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