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Devil In OHIO Filming Locations | Netflix

Devil In OHIO Filming Locations: Netflix’s “Devil In OHIO” has been released on the streaming platform and is getting mixed reviews from the audience worldwide. However, the premise of the show is something that would interest a lot of people it is about a satanic cult.

The show is based on a book that is based upon real events that happened in Ohio, USA. Now, if you go and search about Satanic Cults or just Cults in Ohio, you’ll get quite a number of searches so that’s quite interesting to see.

What’s more interesting is that where is the series show, the corn fields that we’re met with, where are they from? And more importantly, did the creators shoot a show based on a satanic cult in the exact place where there’s really one? Here’s the answer to those questions.

Devil in Ohio” is about a psychiatrist Suzanne who lives with her family of 3 daughters and a loving husband who comes across a case of a teenage girl who escaped from a Satanic Cult and takes her home because of the State’s inadequate resources to place her. By taking the girl into her home, she invites a lot of problems that change the whole dynamic of the family and that doesn’t end up well for anyone as we saw in the series.

Now, where was this series filmed? Definitely, not OHIO, USA. You wouldn’t take that big of a risk. To shoot a show about a cult in a place where there are already active cults, that’s a big gamble so the creators chose to shoot the series in British Columbia, Canada. As per IMDB, the disclosed locations are all in Canada.



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