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Devil In Ohio Based On A True Story? | Netflix

Devil In Ohio Based On A True (Real) Story: Netflix is yet again back with content that has been its strong point for quite some time with heavy hitters like Midnight Mass, Archive 81 and its newest addition that doesn’t look like it’s here to fail.

“Devil In Ohio”, a Suspense Thriller Limited Series is about to debut on Netflix and the trailer itself tells a whole story about what is going down, right from the starting in the corn fields where you see a girl running off, to the end of the series where Emily Deschanel seems to be finding someone and is caught by someone from behind. It is not thrilling just because of the scenery used, but the roots of it.

Devil In Ohio Based Is Based On?

The Limited Series is based on a Best-Selling Novel by Daria Polatin who also serves as an Executive Producer for the series. It is based on the story of a psychiatrist who takes in a girl that comes is admitted to the hospital where she works, with no ID, and has trauma. She takes that girl to her house where she later finds out that the girl has escaped from a Mysterious Cult. With the cult stopping at nothing to get the girl back and the girl exhibiting strange behavior to her daughter, the Psychiatrist realizes she has put herself and her family in great danger and that is what is the crux of the series.

The Book the series is based on, the writer Daria Polatin has said that it is inspired by real events that happened in rural Ohio but the cult that is shown in the series, it is a mixture or an ensemble if you would, of all the different cults that the writers for the show had studied. They even came up with a new Bible for the show.

Is Devil In Ohio Is Real Story?

The writers have not told us what are those events on which the book is based but we did search upon this topic quite a bit and this one case that comes up with a lot of similarities is “The Kirtland Murders” or “The Avery’s Murders” in which the Avery family of 5 people was brutally murdered by Jeffrey Lundgren and his followers under his cult of Xenos Christian Fellowship, also known as The Kirtland Cult. The Avery Family was brutally murdered in the name of a ”Blood Sacrifice” that was instigated by Jeffrey Lundgren for which he was given the Death Penalty.

The similarities between the show and the Avery Murders is that the family in both the cases was of 5 People, with 3 daughters along with the parents. We will know it for sure once we’ve watched the show. The show consists of 8 Episodes with a runtime of less than an hour. The show stars Emily Deschanel (Bones, Sleepy Hollow) playing the Psychiatrist Madeline Arthur (Color Out of Space) playing the Cult Escapist, Sam Jaeger (The Handmaiden’s Tale) plays the Husband along with Xaria Dotson, Alisha Newton, and Naomi Tan who are playing the daughters in the show.

After thorough analysis, the show is based on the book, and the book was based on real events but there is some fiction or research that happened to create the cult so that the portrayal looks authentic. It’s mentioned by the writers that they read upon and researched every cult so that they could bring authenticity in the one that they’re showing in the series.

So, not everything that is being displayed in the series is something that happened in real life, some is fiction and some are real and it’s going to be a hell of a task to distinguish what’s what. Or we could just enjoy the thrill, what do you say?

Devil In Ohio streams on Netflix on 2nd September 2022 in Multiple Languages.


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