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Demi In Freeridge | Netflix | Actress Name- Who Plays?

Demi In Freeridge: Demi is one of the main lead characters from Netflix’s Freeridge, Demi is one of the friends of Gloria and Cameron. Gloria’s father doesn’t like Demi because she is very interested in supernatural and horoscope things.

Demi is the best friend of Cameron and she also likes Cameron but doesn’t confess her love because Cameron loves another guy.

Who Played Demi in Netflix’s Freeridge?

American actress and dancer Ciara Riley Wilson Played the lead role of Demi in Netflix’s Freeridge.

Ciara Riley Wilson was seen in Bizaardvark, Speechless, Netflix’s Finest, Kim Possible, Reply, Grey’s Anatomy, Quantum Leap, Joshua Bassett: Doppelgänger (Music Video), Kim Hushable, OMG!, Coop and Cami Ask the World, Henry Danger and more.

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