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Delhi Crime Season 3? What To Expect after Vartika’s Transfer?

Delhi Crime Season 3: Delhi Crime, a Netflix’s Golden Goose that won an Emmy Award for portraying the famous Delhi Rape Case is now back with another gruesome murder series inspired from real stories and the show is definitely compelling since its written by an ensemble of casts all over the world and acted by compelling actors with some great performances.

The show is a hit right away and it just makes this harder to gulp down the news that during the end of the series, Vartika (Character Played by Shefali Shah) is transferred for her crossing the direct order made by her superior to another remote location but with a promotion at least.

This change in the series when our Female Lead who is strong and has the guts to make the right choice and stand up for herself is definitely not new, it is that same formula that most shows use but this can be an advantage because the series focusses on crimes and if we know something about this world is that… “Go Anywhere, let it be a remote place or a highly populated urban area, if there are people there’s going to be crimes”.

So, maybe we’ll get to see more crimes happening in other parts of the country, right now the show focused on only crimes happening in Delhi, the Capital Of India but now the writers will get a chance to capture the other parts as well which is a smart move.



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