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Delhi Crime Season 2 Real Story? Real Vs Reel Life Character

Delhi Crime Season 2 Real Story: Delhi Crime Season 2 has released this weekend on Netflix and with its arrival, they’ve unlocked a level in the hive mind of true crime lovers who scrummage through the Internet for stories exactly like what is shown in this season of Delhi Crime. Delhi Crime Season 2 like its predecessor does not focus completely on just one story but instead, they’ve fused two different very real-life stories into one. Below are those two stories that are somewhat close to the realities.

The Kachcha Baniyaan Gang Murders

Infamous Kachcha Baniyaan Gang has been famously notorious for their MO and how organized they are in, from choosing their target, following them for quite some time, and then striking at the right time leaving not much trace other than the only trace they wanted to leave which is their excrements after they bludgeon the place they stole from, they are a very organized crime syndicate that is active throughout the parts of India.

They usually strike at night and murder anyone who resists the robbery with the tools they brought that they use to break inside the house like an Iron Rod, Hammer. The Kachcha Baniyaan Gang is not a static group of members, it keeps on changing and if someone gets caught (which they have previously), they are trained in a way that they never open their mouths. After analyzing several cases, the Gang Members were identified as part of a tribe.

Karishma/ Lata Solanki Murders

The amazing role played by Tillotama Shome of a woman with high aspirations and the only surviving member of the gang since she murders two with a hammer, this part of the story is not real. However, this plot is taken from a Triple Murder of women of the same family from Indore in 2013 called Neha Verma who was also a beautician and after entering the house on grounds of her profession, she murdered the three generations of women with her two Male accomplices in that house for money and stole jewelry and ATM Cards. This part of the story has been included in Delhi Crime Season 2.

Combining These Two

However, the show not only focuses on one story, instead it has tried to fuse two different stories that had a national impact into 1 showing us a gruesome retelling of what India has experienced. They did that by showing Neha Verma’s character as someone in Delhi who also works as a beautician and has high aspirations but after getting shot down for dreaming big, she, with her three accomplices hatches a plan to rob that house and kill that woman.

The one thing not matching with reality is that The Original Kachcha Baniyaan Gang did not just target houses with old people in them, this is specifically to the series alone. The Original Kachcha Baniyaan Gang targeted rich people living in secluded areas or colonies.

This was all about the Delhi Crime Season 2 Real Story or not? . The second series was a fusion between two different stories that happened at different places but was shown in a compelling way and that’s why it makes for a great watch.


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