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Death’s Roulette Movie Summary & Ending Explained

“DEATH’S ROULETTE” Movie summary and ending explained: The latest mystery thriller is now streaming on Paramount. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending of the movie. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

The movie begins with seven people waking up in a Maison with no idea how they got there. Their hands and feet are tied with ropes, but they eventually free themselves with the help of each other. They introduce themselves, and we learn that Simon is a cop, Armando is a surgeon, Teresa is a flight attendant, an old man Jose retired from his profession, and a wealthy businessman couple, Esteban and his wife Marta, along with their lawyer daughter Lupe.

They start fighting and soon realize that Jose has done something wrong. They start torturing him to extract information, but a sound speaks over the loudspeaker, telling them they must play a game. The rules are simple: they must choose which one of them dies, the chosen one must agree to die, and no one can choose themselves. They have 60 minutes to figure it out, or they will all be assassinated.

The game begins as they all have reasons to live. Armando says he has saved many lives, and the businessman couple says that 80,000 people are employed under them. They all start pointing fingers at each other, but they soon discover that they have to solve puzzles to reveal their darkest secrets.

The Ending

Jose offers to die since he has done many bad things in the past. A man with white hair comes from the other side of the door and shoots him in the head because he has offered himself and is not chosen by the people.

We then learn that they are all connected to a psychopath and murderer named Pablo Vega in some way. For instance, Lupe has faked her lawyer degree, Marta has a sister Ofelia whom she never told her daughter about, and so on. They have all affected Pablo in some way, such as the cop accidentally shooting his wife while trying to kill Pablo, Teresa hitting her mother while high on drugs, and Armando accidentally killing his patient. He is also Martha’s nephew.

They choose Martha to die next, and she accepts their decision. However, Armando tries to kill her, but Esteban defends her. Esteban gets hurt, and the group chooses him to die next, saving them again for the next hour. In the end, they have to cross a maze while Pablo’s two men chase them. They cross the maze, but Pablo kills Teresa by hitting her with a truck.

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The remaining people try to escape by boat, and Simon takes his jacket off, revealing a birthmark that Marta notices. We learn that Simon is Pablo, and Lupe was involved in the plan. Pablo then kills Esteban and tells Marta that she should have loved him, ending the movie.



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