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Dear. M Season 2 Release Date

Dear. M Season 2 Release Date: Dear M Korean Dramas have a dominant genre and that is Romance, whatever storyline you watch or whatever genre you go for, you will find a budding romance between the Male and Female Lead. The thing is, it freaking works too! Korean dramas are so famous for their romantic feel.

This should come off as no news that a new K-Drama has been released that is umm yes Romantic but it has a feel-good feel to it and the storyline looks awesome, isn’t that what we want??

A Look at the K-Drama “Dear M”

After an anonymous confession is posted on Seoyeon University’s student forum in the name of “M”, things go haywire as “M” becomes the talk of the town and 4 students who belong to different departments find each other in the quest to search for “M” and start working together. In their quest to search for “M”, they experience life in the form of budding romances, lifelong friendships as it is, in the University.


Park Hye Su stars as Ma Joo Ah who is known for Introverted Boss, who will be seen together with Jeong Jae Hyun as Cha Min Ho who is known for The Link Log. Roh Jeong Eui will be playing Seo Ji Min famous for Our Beloved Summer alongside Bae Hyun Sung playing Park Ha Neul known for Our Blues and Hospital Playlist 2.

When is the Drama released?

The 12 episodic dramas will be releasing its first 6 episodes on June 29th, 2022 and the next 6 on July 6th, 2022. The drama’s original network is KBS2 but the audience can stream it on WeTV and Viki.

Early Reviews?

Early reviews for the Drama are out and it’s a mixed bag. The drama is being liked for its likable characters but not for the premise. The Drama has gotten 8 on MDL with 136 watchers. Dear M was a Highly anticipated drama and it is too early to speculate with so few reviews that the drama is not worth it.

Maybe after some time when we have some more data to judge the drama with, we can come to a better understanding. However, all in all, the drama is a ball of romance that you want to play with so if so little in your heart is a place saying yes to this drama, go for it.

Season 2 Update – Renewed Or Cancelled

It would be too early to say about the season 2 of the show, But the way the show is getting the Buzz, it is very Much Possible that it will be renewed for the season 2, we will update with the official news soon

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