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Dead To Season 4 Release Date? | Netflix | Renewed Or Cancelled?

Dead To Season 4 Release Date?: Dead to me is an American Dark Comedy Web Series Written and Created by Liz Feldman and Executively Produced by Adam McKay, season 3 was released today and now many of your were asking about the renewal status of renewal of the show.

After the release of Season 1, it’s become a massive hit 30 million viewers watched the series in the first month and the series also got good reviews so Netflix renewed it for season 2, and season 2 also become a hit So Netflix Renewed it for the Final Season.

Jen is a recent window real estate agent who meets Judy in a grief support group. Jen’s husband was killed by a hit-and-run driver, while Judy says that her husband died of a heart attack but it’s not the truth, Jen tries to investigate her husband’s death and also tries to uncover the truth about Judy.

Why did Netflix End the show in Season 3?

Dead to me Creator never wanted to make it a long show, in an interview Liz says that “I always knew that it was going to be a short-lived show.

I wanted three or four seasons, but I’m realistic in terms of where the show lives on a platform that doesn’t traditionally give more than three or four, or sometimes even one or two, seasons. I wanted the ending to feel important and not just, like, “Oh shit, we’re going to get canceled!”.

Dead to me, All seasons are streaming on Netflix


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