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Davut in ‘Sahmaran’ | Who Plays Davut? | Actor Name | Netflix

Davut in ‘Sahmaran’: Davut is the grandfather of ‘Sashu’ whom she confronts her about why she left her mother decades ago who is dead now, Here we are going to tell you about the actor playing the role of Davut,

Who Played Davut in SAHMARAN TV Series?

Turkish actor Mustafa Ugurlu played the role of Davut in the latest Turkish drama Netflix series.

Who is Mustafa Ugurlu?

Mustafa Ugurlu is a Turkish actor, he made his debut by the Turkish television series Raza Beyler in 1993. He is known for his role in the movie Agir Roman which was a major success and for which he won a Golden Orange Award at International Antalya Film Festival for Best Supporting Actor.

He continued his career in cinemas and television and is even active now his latest series is “Sahamaran” in which he played a role of a grandfather. He appeared in various tv series, and movies and directed a number of plays for state theatres.



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