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Daniel Marquis in The Pale Blue Eye? – Who Plays Marquis | Netflix

Daniel Marquis in The Pale Blue Eye?: Daniel Marquis is one of the supporting characters from Netflix’s Thriller Movie The Pale Blue Eye, Daniel Marquis is a Doctor and his family is a suspect in the murders, here we are going to tell you about his real name and some of his films of the actors who is Playing this role.

Who Played Daniel Marquis in The Pale Blue Eye?

English actor Toby Jones played the supporting role of Daniel Marquis, in the Netflix Movie The Pale Blue Eye.

Who is Toby Jones?

Toby Jones is an English actor, He was seen in Hit Movie Franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Arnim Zola, Hunger games Franchise as Claudius Templesmith, Harry Potter franchise as the voice of Dobby the house elf, and in Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom as Mr. Eversoll.

He played the role of Legendary Director Alfred Hitchcock in the HBO Movie The Girl. He was going to be in the Upcoming Indiana Jones movie.



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