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Damacio Diaz Real Person, Image | Where He Is Now? | Killing County

Damacio Diaz Real Person: In 3rd episode, we saw the story of a police officer Damacio Diaz who become famous when that film on Bakersfield got released he also got also some popularity, And later on in his carrier was arrested for selling drugs that belonged to the police but he submitted to police is very less amount and he sells the rest for money.

Lots of big news companies also got an eye on Bakersfield when they were about the killing of people by police. And the families also protested but they never got the justice they asked for.

What Happened to Damacio Diaz? Bakersfield Cop Seen in 'Killing County'

Police always come up with something to cover that matter, But those families are continuing to protest for their loved ones to get justice till today.

This was all about the episodes of Killing County, what do you think about it?, Please let us know in the comments.


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