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Criminal Justice Season 3 Review (Hotstar) | Adhura Sach

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review: Criminal Justice Adhura Sach released with 2 episodes today on Hotstar in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and a few more dubbed versions with subtitles, Only two episodes of the show are released as of now, I just finished the 2 episodes and here is the detailed review of Criminal Justice Season 3.

The story begins with the Murder of a Child Artist named Zara Ahuja, Zara was a 14-Year-old Child artist and she was killed after Party and her body was dumped into the Sea. When Police start Investigation, the Step Brother of Zara is the Prime Suspect. Avantika Ahuja, The mother of ZARA reaches Madhav Mishra to fight the case for her Son. How Madahav will solve this case ? and who was the killer? To know this You have to watch the full series on Hotstar.

The performances were super good in the show, Every one, each and every character of the show was just amazing. Pankaj Mishra shines yet again as Madhav Mishra and Swastika Mukherjee look amazing as always, She looks very expressive in the show and we will get to see more of her in upcoming episodes for sure. Purab Kohli looks great in her deep and silenced charcter, the way he transforms his character after the Zara Death was amazing.

The two new actors Aditya Gupta and Deshan Duggad were amazing. Aditya simply Nails it in his role, he looks amazing with the dialogue delivery, Expressions, and body language. Sweta Basu Prasad has a small appearance as of now in the first two episodes.

The story so far looks simple, the good thing is the show is fast-paced and I never felt any lag in these two episodes, Episode 3 is going to be a banger for sure as Madhav Mishra is going to enter into this case. It will be not fair to Judge the whole show with just 2 episodes, But As of now the show looks Normal, Hope something more and more is coming.

This was our review of the First episodes of Criminal Justice Season 3 aka Adhura Sach? did you like the episodes too? Please let us know in the comments.


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