Constantine 2 Happening Or Not? | Is it Coming?

Keanu Reeves has always been a fan favorite, let it be the ever-charming personality of his ventures like Nero in The Matrix Quadrilogy, John Wick, or Ted in Bill & Ted Films. The actor is loved by the audience and has been waiting for a sequel to his smash hit Constantine which was released in 2005.

Based on the Hellblazer Comics from DC, the film starred Keanu in the lead role of John Constantine who can communicate with supernatural forces and tries to exorcise demons from the earth so he can earn his place back in heaven and save himself from eternal damnation.

The film became a cult hit and since then the audience has asked for a sequel when the film didn’t quite follow the comic in terms of the actor get-up. John Constantine from the comics had blonde hair and the movie starred Keanu with black hair and looks like the audience let it go.

The speculations have been going around for quite some time from the Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura saying “I’d love to do it… We want to do a hard R-Rated version of it.” To WB commissioning a sequel script from Frank Cappello who is one of Constantine’s original credited writers.

There was also this time when Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy Duology) was signed up as the writer and director for a Justice League Dark Film in November 2012. But officially, Warner Bros has never confirmed of it that a sequel is coming for the film or not. In the end, the audience is still hopeful for that case and if the sequel did happen, Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz are sure to star in it.

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