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I have finally completed watching Code M S2 and the ending 3 episode has quite impressed me. The initial episodes are a little draggy and might bore you but it will catch its pace in the final episodes. This will contain spoilers so if you have not watched the series yet i would suggest you stop here and first watch the series or look into our no spoiler review.

So in S2 Major Monica is into a case where multiple officials are getting killed, an assassination attempt on CM, and a past of Monica Mehra that will shock you up.

The Ending

In the final episodes major Monica finally came to know who is the master mind behind the killing, which turns out to be his father. Monica and her mom always thought her father died in the fire but the main reason is quite different which is revealed by his father when she met him where he is hiding.

Her father is an ex-army official. After his teammate got killed in a war due to a chopper’s technical fault. He tried to expose the scam of faulty army weapons and chopper scam to the higher official but it doesn’t get any proper inquiry or action. So he decided to create a team and take revenge on all the officials involve in the case and avenge the death of many armies mans that are dying due to this scam

Monica manages to expose and catch her father red-handed and also exposes the CM who is behind the scam but the final episode took a deep turn where we came to know that Angad(Tanuj Virwani) is also working with her father for three years and from the starting he is following all the steps and actions of Monika and having a close look. He meeting with Monica is not a coincidence but a planned action.

Ending Explanation

He also revealed killing his own father who is also somehow linked to the scam and fearing being caught by the official he fled away from the scene. In the end, we can see a news reporter saying the CM who Monika has saved from her father has committed suicide and Monica knows who is behind it and will decide to go after Angad.

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So we can expect a cat-mouse chase between Monika and Angad in the next season. It will be great to watch how Monika goes after the person he loves the most, how Angad takes revenge, and who are the other officials on Angad’s hit list.

That’s all for now from the series Code M. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates about its coming season

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