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Clark Heindel Death | Real Image | Why Did He Commit Suicide? | CBS 48 Hours

Clark Heindel’s Real Image: 48 Hours: The Strange Death of Professor Shockley” gives us a picture of what happened on that fateful night and how Marianne Shockley died and what came of the investigation related to her boyfriend Marcus Allen Lillard but what comes off as shocking is another tragedy that happened exactly that night a few moments after the police arrived for questioning.

Another person named Clark Heindel, a friend of Marcus who was hosting Marianne & Marcus killed himself that night shortly after the Police found Marianne dead.

Who Was Clark Heindel?

A resident of Milledgeville, Georgia, Clark Heindel was a friend of Marcus and a popular person around the block. With an experience in clinical psychology for over 30 years and counseling, he worked as a Yoga Instructor at the Good Karma Yoga Studio. He was described as a kindhearted and helping person by the people, who was very much into social service and was used to teaching yoga at a nearby park as well as at a local hospital, all free of charge.

Why did he commit suicide?

On the night when Marcus & Marianne were being hosted by Clark, all three of them were under the influence of alcohol and drugs, especially MDMA and while Marcus went out to collect firewood, Marianne was having a bath but when Marcus came back, he found Marianne unconscious, so he brought her out with the help of Clark and tried to revive her back after calling some of his friends.

When the Police came and questioned Clark and moved to Marcus, somehow Clark found a way inside the house and shot himself leaving a 3-page suicide note which did not contain any responsibility for Marianne’s death. He did mention that he was so startled by her death and was wrecked with guilt as she died on his watch.

Through his suicide note, he apologized to Marianne’s family and left ones and left instructions on how his children should handle his estate.

Clark Heindel was ruled out of any suspicions for the murder of Marianne Shockley.



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