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Christmas In Love Ending Explained: Does Nick Fire Employees ? | Hallmark (2022)

Christmas In Love Ending Explained: ‘Tis the season of Hallmark and its seasonal collection of Christmas Movies and Netflix just released a pretty old Hallmark Movie on its platform titled “Christmas In Love”. Released in 2018, the film is a bit late in arriving on the streaming platform but that just tells the punch the film is packing.

Of course, no Christmas is complete with some Hallmark Movies and if you’re going to watch “Christmas In Love”, we give you a thumbs up for this delightfully enjoyable flick. Here’s how the film goes.

In a small Missouri town, the community does not have things to worry about like job security and they are thriving. We see that most of the residents work at the Carlington Bakery, including Ellie Hartman who is a creative and hard-working person.

She currently works in Human Resources but has hopes for something more she loves her current job as well. On the other hand, our Male lead is Nick Carlington, a big-shot corporate leader who is about to be handed over the company’s reigns, he visits the bakery, and Ellie is tasked with showing the day-to-day operations.

Nick has plans for automation and plans to cut the employee workforce to automation Ellie, on their tour tries to make Nick understand that it’s the people who make the business a success and that the community itself is warm and loving which Nick starts to see after a certain point.

We see Nick starting to see the town from Ellie’s perspective and Ellie begins to fall for him too until she sees automation plans on his laptop and feels betrayed. The film moves to a choice for Ellie whether she should take a leap of faith for Nick who seemed to have changed and value the people in his company and the town itself.

Well, in the ending we see both of them at the Christmas Festival where Ellie feels betrayed by Nick and Nick announces that they are going to hire more people and the company is going to make Kringle’s all year round and not just seasons and then we see Ellie and Nick getting back together and the film ends.

Christmas In Love is a delightful film and well, it deserves a watch on a cold, starry night with a cup of hot cocoa. It’s streaming on NETFLIX in multiple languages.


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