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Cathy Beck In ‘Make My Day’ | Netflix | Voice Artist

Cathy Beck is one of the supporting characters from Netflix’s Anime Series Make My Day, here is the name, some more dub work, and all other information about the woman behind the voice of Cathy Beck.

Who Voices Cathy Beck in the Japanese Language?

Atsuko Tanaka Voices for Cathy Beck in Netflix’s Japanese Language. Atsuko Tanaka is a legendary voice actor, she voices in Famous and critically hit anime series like Ghost in the Shell, Naruto, Fate/stay the night, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more.

Who Voices Cathy Beck in the English Language?

American voice actress Pilar Uribe Voices Cathy Beck in the English dub version of Netflix’s Make My Day. Pilar Uribe is known for Élite, QueenFeria: The Darkest Light, Bibi & Tina, The Girl in the Mirror, Argentina, 1985, My Name Is Vendetta, and more.



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