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Candy Review (Voot): Too Much Of Twists Followed By Average Performances

Candy Review (Voot): After the Voot Select original web series Asur, I always wait for the Voot original series, and after watching the trailer of Candy, I thought that this series is going to be something fresh, I just finished the web series and sadly I was not up to my expectations. Here in the post, I am going to tell you a detailed review of the Voot original series Candy.

I am going to talk about the story, Performances, Screenplay, and a few more highlights of the series. The web series stars Richa Chadda, Ronit Roy, and Nakul Sahdev in the main lead role along with Ridhi Kumar, Gopal Dutt Tiwari, and others. There is a total of 8 episodes in the series and all episodes are approx 35-40 minutes long. There is use of abuses, few scenes of [email protected] and dr$gs, so avoid watching the web series with family and Kids.


The story of the series starts with Rudra Valley School located in Rudrakund. A Student from RVS got murdered and his dead body was found in the jungle in very bad condition. Local of Rudrakund believes that this murder is done by ‘Massan’ a local monster-like creature who kills everyone who enters the jungle. DSP Ratna (played by Richa Chadda) and one of the teachers of RVS Jayant Parekh (Played by Ronit Roy) start the investigation of the case. While investigating Police came to know that case is related to Dru$$ and is linked to Vayu, who is the son of Local MLA.

Who was the killer of Mehul? and what was this theory of Massan, To know this you have to watch the full 8 episode web series on Voot.


I really appreciate Richa Chadda as an actor but this role was not for her, she looks very bad in the character of DSP Ratna, her dialogue delivery was very poor and some credit goes to the poor and pathetic dialogues too. She looks very poor in her, although she tried all her posts to do a great back after the first half, after her character transformation, still, she fails to leave any mark.

Ronit Roy, Nakul Sahdev, and Ridhi Kumar are the biggest highlights of the series. Ronit Roy looks amazing in his role and he had nailed it, he was too good in the role of a disturbed father who had recently lost his daughter and also he played the role of a caring teacher perfectly. Nakul Sahdev was so good and I must say he looks brilliant and his performance is the biggest highlight of the series. He looks awesome in the role of rich Brat and a dru%% addict.

Ridhi Kumar is another highlight of the series, she was too good in her role and she looks amazing, she had played her character brilliantly and the way she changes herself and transforms herself during emotional scenes was too good. Other characters like Manu Rishi Chadha Gopal Datt Tiwari and the rest of the actors were also decent in their performances.


Honestly speaking, I didn’t like the Plot. The story of the series consist a too many of twist and turns and it harms the series very much. The first 3 episodes are very poor and slow, 4th episodes were best among all, the 5th and 6th were good, the last episode was decent and the too many twists make it poor at the end. Excess of anything is bad and this series proves this.

The level of content quality has got high in the last few years due to some amazing content and this series still looks like some old film with detailed versions of twists and turns and at the end again, makers tried to make the buzz of season 2 which is not needed at all. The screenplay is very poor in the first 2 episodes it keeps you hooked during the 3-5th episode and it loses its grip again after the 5th episode. The editing is decent, the locations are brilliant and the music of the series was decent too.

There are some scenes that make no sense at all, like a group of people robs the local police station, suspects from the case walk freely, school runs normally even after a murder and a girl goes missing in the school, and most importantly a DSP fails to shoot a killer from a distance of 5 Mtr.


I am going with 2.5 out of 5 stars for the series. The series tried to be thrilling but it ended up to a messed up crime thriller, lots of twists and turns make it poor and the average performance by Richa Chadda adds it into a below-average series list. If you have nothing to watch then you can give it a try in breaks. If you are looking for something amazing and fresh then avoid it, there is nothing new and special in the series.

If you still want to watch the series, You can watch this web series on Voot, there are a total of 8 episodes in the series, and don’t watch the series with family.

This was our Candy Review, what are your thoughts about it? , please let us know in the comment section, for more news and updates stay tuned with us and follow us on social media.


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