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Brahmastra Ending Explained | Part 1: Shiva

Brahmastra Ending Explained: Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva has finally made its way to the Silver Screen and before it ended, it walked on the Red Carpet of Great First Day Advance Bookings. For a 3-part series, Ayan Mukherji has done something unique for a first film titled “Shiva” that tries to build some base as to what is happening and what can we expect.

If we talk about the ending of the movie, it’s a lot more than you can expect that’ll happen in the second one.

Towards the end of the movie when Junoon played by Mouni Roy completes Brahmastra by merging all the pieces together, she fulfills her purpose and dies right after as she rightly said before that she cannot die before fulfilling her purpose and that’s what happened. Right after she merges the Brahmastra, a strong beam of light emerges from the sky to the ground on the Brahmastra creating a field of force that is starting an earthquake and creating cracks in the earth.

Seeing that, Shiva played by Ranbir runs towards Isha played by Alia to save her and upon arrival, he protects her with his Agnayastra’s power dividing the force of Brahmastra to divide after touching his back.

Shiva is unharmed because being the Agnayastra, Fire cannot harm him. With the power of love that Isha gives him, he is able to tame the Brahmastra and the force created by Brahmastra stops immediately.

Right before the end, we realize that after merging the Brahmastra pieces, Dev (Father of Shiva and the main villain of the story) who is captured inside that statue where Junoon worships him is freed and is back with his old power to get the power of Brahmastra and complete his ambition to become the Brahmadev after taming the Brahmastra which will take part in the second part titled “Brahmastra Part 2: Dev”.


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