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Bob Castleman & Jerrod Castleman Now? – Travis Perkins Murder | Investigation Discovery

Travis Perkins is a resident of Pocahontas, Arkansas, On April 15, 2013, Perkins was killed at his apartment in Arkansas. He was shot 2 twice, Travis lives alone and doesn’t interact with his neighbor. After a week the body starts to smell, so people notice it and call the police.

They found out that Travis’s feet were on the floor, which indicates that Travis had just woken up from his sleep and was about to do his work, While the killer came and shot him Twice with his 9mm Gun.

Who killed Travis Perkins and Why?

Police didn’t get any clue, They searched the murder place and found a 9mm Bullet and that’s not going to help them, because it was easy to find and buy. Police talk to his contact and ask them if they know about anyone who had a personal grudge against Travis, but Travis kept everything to himself and didn’t talk that much to everyone, so people didn’t know if anyone had grudge against Travis.

Police soon found out about the involvement of Travis Perkins in an Illegal Methamphetamine (Drug) business with his friend Jerrod Castleman, Jerrod Castleman is the son of Ex-Judge Bob Castleman, and Bob Castleman is also involved in this Methamphetamine business.

Police inquired and found out that Travis wants to get out of this Meth business and is going to testify against the two. Jerrod Castleman says that it was his father Bob Who killed Travis Perkins after knowing that he was going to testify against them.

Bob Castleman was sentenced to 40 Years in Jail for The Meth business.



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