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Black Bird Episode 6 Premise, What To Expect?

Black Bird Episode 6 Premise, What To Expect?: Black Bird, an AppleTV+ Original Psychological Thriller Mini-Series is all set to end next week with its finale titled “You Promise”. The Taron Egerton starring show is based on the true story of Jimmy Keene who’s assigned an assignment by the FBI to infiltrate the prison and coax a confession out of a suspected serial killer Larry D.

Hall. The series airs weekly on AppleTV+ and its last episode will be airing on Thursday, 4th August 2022.

Here’s what you can expect from the FINALE

Jimmy seems to be on edge after he’s being ratted out by the prison guard that he’s a snitch, Jimmy was already getting paranoid about everything as we saw in Episode 5 but it’s going to increase rapidly because now, he’s had a taste of what Larry’s psyche is and he is terrified of him now.

With Jimmy being curious about the girls he’s been with and what happened after, Larry seemed to be getting a bit suspicious in Episode 5 and since he’s on trial, he’s going to get more suspicious because paranoid Jimmy will make some mistake because he is losing his patience in the prison.

The third piece of the puzzle will be the detectives who are working on the case from outside and they’ll meet someone who is close or important to Larry in some way. All of this combined will make a case strong against Larry.

We will definitely see an epic showdown when all the evidence that the detectives gathered and the testimonial of Jimmy combined will end up in Larry not being a suspect anymore but the convict.

Please comment below how you think the FINALE will go down.

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