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Black Bird Episode 5 Recap, Full Story & Ending Explained

Black Bird Episode 5 Recap, Full Story & Ending Explained: Black Bird, an AppleTV+ Original Min-Series released its 5th Episode recently titled “The Place I Lie” which showed us how scary Larry D. Hall can be to be around. For the people following the show, it’s one of those episodes that scared you to the core just by talking, and seeing how Jimmy who’s usually strong and composed is handling it by experiencing it firsthand is scary to see.

The 5th Episode is one of those episodes that raised the bars of the show exponentially in terms of creepiness. After all, the show is a psychological thriller focussing on a convicted Jimmy Keene who goes to one of the most secured prisons in the US to coax a confession out of Larry D. Hall who’s a suspected serial killer.

5th Episode showed us pretty good development in terms of how the murder of Jessica Roach took place from Larry’s words. The Episode also touched on Larry’s mentality and how he sees women and age consent and also shed some light on why all of Larry’s victims were young girls.

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The Episode ended on a scene where Larry is calling out to Jimmy from his cell but Jimmy doesn’t respond and thinks he’s gone to sleep, Larry goes to sleep as well but when we’re shown Jimmy’s cell, he’s trying with his mouth covered because he’s finally understood why he’s here and what seemed like a scary thing to do, he’s come face to face with the devil and on top of it, he’s being ousted by everyone that he’s a snitch in the prison.

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