Big Mouth KDrama Episode 2 Recap, Full Story & Ending Explained

Big Mouth KDrama Episode 2 Recap

Big Mouth KDrama Episode 2 Recap, Full Story & Ending Explained: Big Mouth, a Korean Drama that was released this week in the weekend slot with viewership ratings of 6.2% which is a good deal in its opening run.

The Drama is based on a talk no action lawyer who’s famous for his big talks and doing nothing which ends up in him losing the cases he takes on with his “Big Mouth”. A conspiracy because of which he ends up in prison and is now assumed to be “Big Mouse” a wanted criminal who has stolen from many powerful people of the country.

And thus, starts a game of survival for Chang Ho who is now an assumed criminal and also the target of many powerful people who want their money back.

Episode 2 of the drama dealt with the aftermath of the first episode in which Chang Ho met with an accident and survived. He’s arrested by the police after his blood tests positive for drugs that he realizes later it was planted by someone else as part of a bigger conspiracy.

His office is raided and gold biscuits, methamphetamine, and a gun are found which makes the police assume him as “Big Mouse” and from there, the drama starts. Chang Ho is beaten up by people after they realize that he’s not the Big Mouse that everything thinks he is and heartbroken and beaten-up Chang Ho alone in his cell misses his wife Mi Ho who never left his side.

We also get to see a college day’s image in Chang Ho’s mind where he says that almost all of his misfortunes happen in the most pivotal moments of his life but his wife Mi Ho is always there to support him.

The Episode takes a funny turn when left with no choice, Chang Ho decides to divorce his wife and then suicide but realizes why to kill himself when a murderer in prison can do so. That starts a chain of events where Chang Ho goes up to the big shot people in the prison for a chance that they’ll kill him but instead he either breaks them or knocks them unconscious and which ends up in him gaining a reputation.

The Episode ends in a scene where Chang Ho realizes that anyone who tries to escape prison is killed on sight and the last scene of the episode is where he’s surrounded by guards and he’s asking them to kill him.

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