Best South Indian Thriller Movies in Hindi

Best South Indian Thriller Movies in Hindi

Best South Indian Thriller Movies in Hindi Dubbed: If you love to watch south Indian films You may have seen some mindblowing and amazing thrillers, here we are going to tell you about some amazing thrillers from the south Indian film industry that you should watch, All these films are available on Various OTT platform to watch in Hindi audio, we will also try to include the trailer and streaming Platform for the film.

So, you must have heard or watched about few South Indian nail-biting thriller movies. But you have founded it difficult to filter the Hindi Dubbed Movies. So we are here to help you out with few names, Please note that lits is completely in Random number and there is no relation between the ranking and quality of the film.


Deepak (Rahman) is assigned a case of the mysterious death of a couple. He also loses his leg during the investigation, which also leads to retiring from his job. Several years later he has to deal with is an unfinished tragedy from the past. This movie is freely available on Disney+ Hotstar in the Hindi language.


Samantha starring in this edge thriller is a story of journalist Rachna who deals with the U-turn taken by people in an illegal way. Later she gets involved in a police investigation of a related murder case. This movie is freely available on Youtube and Prime Video (Subscription) in Hindi.

Vikram Vedha

A mystery thriller revolving around Cop and Gangster starring R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupati. This movie is a must-watch due to the cat and mouse chase with lots of twists and turns. This movie is freely available on Youtube in Hindi.


Vishnu Vishal starring in this Psychological thriller movie is dubbed ‘Main Hoon Dandadhikari’ revolving around a policeman who wanted to be a filmmaker but gave up his dream after his father’s death. Then he has to investigate a case of psychotic killers who is behind young girls. This movie is freely available on Youtube in Hindi.


This Sundeep Kishan starrer is a must-watch thriller. Kumaran a policeman investigates the murder led by a serial killer. He unravels many truths and secrets in his path which makes the case complicated. This movie is available in Hindi on Disney+ Hotstar for free.


This movie is dubbed as ‘Intelligent Khiladi’. This spy thriller starring Adivi Sesh as Gopi is recruited in Raw but before his official confirmation, he is declared as a terrorist for killing 2 officials in a conspiracy. This movie is freely available on Youtube in Hindi.

Okka Kshanam

Shoorveer 2 is the dubbed name of this movie. Allu sirish and Surbhi starring in this movie deal with parallel life mystery. Jeeva must protect Joshna from the fate which has been happened with Swathi. This movie is available on Youtube for free in Hindi.

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya

Dubbed as Agent Sai. This Naveen Polishetty is a blockbuster thriller with a fun ride. A private detective solves a complicated case of a dead body found on a railway track which leads to a murder series. This movie is available on Youtube in Hindi for free.


Last but not the least, this Arvind Swamy and Jayam Ravi starrer is a far more underrated thriller. Vikram a police officer has to deal with a robbery case which seems easy until he knows it’s someone he knows. Later, the thrill ride begins as he unravels the truth.
This movie is freely available on Youtube in Hindi.

A List By – Veer Marathe

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