Beast Movie Review : Even Vijay Can’t Save This Silly Hostage Thriller

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Beast Movie Review: When is came to know that the Vijay is palling to clash the film with KGF Chapter 2, I was pretty sure that Vijay know what he doing and he is so sure about the quality of his film, The beast released finally on the big screens and here is the detailed review of the film, I am going to talk about the story, performances and few more highlights of the film.

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The film stars superstar Vijay (Raw Officer Veera Raghavan) in the main lead role along with Pooja Hegde (Played The Role of Preeti), the film also stars Selvaraghavan, Yogi Babu, and Shine Tom Chakao in crucial roles. The film is written and directed by Nelson Dilpikumar who is known for Doctor released in 2021. The film is around 2 hours and 30 Minutes long and is Suitable to watch with family and Kids.

The story of the film revolved around Veera Raghavan (Played By Vijay) who is a RAW officer, he trained a man and he is known for hir brutality and mindblowing skills. One day Terrorists hijack the East Cost Mall and ask to release their Partner from Jail, This is when Veera Raghvan takes the charge and decides to act as the Saviour for hostages, will he be able to do so? is there any hidden story behind the Hijackings? to know this you have to watch the full movie in the cinemas near you.

Coming to the performances, Honestly speaking, I found the performance decent, not a top-class, it looks like no one has put effort into the acting except Vijay, He looks cool calm, and classy as always but that was not enough to save the film, Pooja Hegde looks watchable and that charm was missing again in her characters, She looks little better here than her last appearance.

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Selvaraghavan and Shine Tom Chacko were good enough to watch, their screen presence was amazing, Jogi Babu got a little less screen time still he is very effective and he full fills the Job for what is brought for, The rest of the other cast were unimpressive.

The biggest drawback of the film is the story itself, the story is very old fashioned and the sometimes it looks silly, I don’t know how Vijay agrees with that, from the beginning itself, there was nothing in the story and the first half was below average, The dialogues were again very bad and most of the time the dialogues were unfunny and irrelevant, The film was aimless in the first half and then in the second it goes very predictable and ends with nothing.

Actions sequences were amazing in the film and I am sure that Vijay Fans goona loves this, there is nothing else in the film, The songs were great and their timing was very clever, Arabic Kutthu comes very early and the chemistry in the song was amazing, Pooja Looks so good in the song and this was the best sequence for her. A huge congrats to the action director duo for the film, they have done a phenomenal job.

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I am going with 2 Out of 5 stars for the film, For me, the film is a Silly and Outdated drama and there was no need to make a film on this topic, there are already thousands of films and series there on this topic, last year Bollywood film ‘Sanak’ starring Vidyut also follows the same storyline.

I will suggest you Skip the film and wait for the KGF Chapter reviews, We will update the reviews of KGF Chapter 2 First on the internet. What do you think about the Beast, drop your Beast Movie Review in the comments.


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