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Athena Netflix Real Story ? Is Film Based On True Events?

Athena Netflix Real Story: Netflix is really improvement the content over the last few months, they are focusing more on real-life stories and thus audiences are getting more connected to it, Another French film titled ‘Athena’ was released today on Netflix and again the viewers are wondering if it is based on True story?

Here we are going to tell you about Athena’s Real life story, Real incidents, and is a film inspired by reality, Here go the details.

Coming directly to the topic, the film is a work of Fiction and it is not inspired by any real-life incidents, there were no Idir and Karim or Abdul in real in Athena, The film plot is slightly inspired by Politics and the hate crimes against the communities.

The director also confirmed the same during an interview with Hollywood Reporter, for all those who don’t know Athena is a French Crime Drama film which got released on Netflix last Friday. The film is available to watch in Multiple audios like Hindi, English, French, Spanish, and others along with subtitles too.

This was all that we have about the Athena Netflix Real Story? and the Netflix original film, what do you think about it?, Please let us know in the comments.



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