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Annaatthe Budget And Box Office Collections

Annaatthe Budget And Box Office Collections: After more than 1 Years, it is raining of the big films at the box office, in Hindi belt, Akshay Kumar’s Sooryavanshi is getting released, In English belts, Marvel’s Big Project Eternals got released and for the south Indian movie lovers, Rajnikanth has a Diwali gift in the name of Annaatthe. Much awaited Annaatthe is all yours now and the film is now roaring at the box office.

The film was announced in 2019 and Since then fans of Rajnikanth were waiting for this film, the film stars Rajnikanth in the main lead role, the movie also stars Keerthi Suresh and the film is directed and written by Shiva. Here in the post, we are going to tell you about the Budget and daily day-wise box office collection of Rajnikanth’s starrer Annaatthe.


Now coming to the budget of the film, the movie is made of the estimated budget of 65 Crores, there are action sequences, there are the use of VFX, Body doubles and there are some great fighting sequences in the film, this makes this film a big-budget film. The total landing cost of the film is around 65 Crores.


The film starts with a bang on the box office and the film has recovered almost half of its Production cost on the Day 1 itself, the film has made around 25 Crores on the Day 1 and the figure is yet to be updated in many regions, here we will tell you about the daily box office collection of the film.

  • Day 1 Collections – 50 Crores (Worlwide)
  • Day 2 Collections-
  • Day 3 Collection –
  • Day 4 Collection –

The film is receiving mixed responses from the critics, most of the reviews were very poor initially, the film is getting thumbs up from the audiences and it is earning huge on the box office, if the film goes like this in the first week it will enter into to 100 Crore very soon.

We hope that film will do big on the box office and Rajnikanth will rule the box office again, what are your thoughts about the film, for any news and updates regarding the film, follow our page on social media.


  1. I liked the movie and enjoyed it thoroughly. Its’ pure entertainment.
    A word to critics. “Which movie is realistic at the present moment? Eternals? You can applaud a movie that says a spider can be radioactive and bite a person and subsequently the person will have super hero powers. You know pretty well that movies are made for entertainment. Look for entertainment value and don’t look down on your own productions. White man still rules your soul. Sad!!


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