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Alpha Males Season 2 Release Date Netflix | Renewed Or Cancelled?

Alpha Males Season 2 Release Date: If you finally watch all the episodes of Alpha Males and want to know when season 2 will release then this is for you, we are going to tell you about the Renewal Status and some more info about the season 2 of the show.

Alpha Males is a Spanish comedy series created by Albert Caballero and Laura Caballero, The series stars Gorka Otxoa, Fele Martínez, and Fernando Gil in the main lead roles, along with Raúl Tejón, Paula Gallego, Raquel Guerrero, María Hervás, Kira Miró, and more.

The series follows four Friends Pedro, Luis, Raúl, and Santi who are in their middle age and having issues in the family, sex life, relationship, and divorce, and they try to adjust in their own way.

When Alpha Males Season 2 Would Release?

Alpha Males is getting mixed reviews from audiences and critics. I don’t think Netflix would renew the series for Season 2, if they renew the series then we can expect it to release at the end of 2023 or 2024.

Are you excited too for season 2? Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



  1. Yes we loved this season one, Of alpha males and can’t wait for season two. It is so refreshing, funny and very creative art. Our hats off to the writers and come up with such great ideas. Usually all these types of shows Revolve around the lives of women. Although I am a woman it is refreshing to see the opposite and go into the lines of men! My husband and I enjoy this so much and can’t wait for season two and beyond!

  2. I actually enjoyed this series. It was, as they have said, refreshing. It wasn’t dramatic and it wasn’t too heavy.
    I just put it in to have something going on in the background but then I was watching it while I did the laundry and it became my fave on Netflix. I did watch it with subtitles on and enjoyed it very much.
    I fell in love with all the characters and the storyline for each of the guys was greatly put together. The characters were written and portrayed beautifully.
    I love how all the women weren’t the usual trope: pathetic, clumsy, aloof, in distress. They may have done dumb stuff but they weren’t pathetic or helpless about it and that was genuine.
    I am looking forward to season 2.


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