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All the Light We Cannot See Episode 3: Recap, Summary and Explained

All the Light We Cannot See Episode 3: All the Light We Cannot See is Netflix’s original show which is streaming on Netflix with 4 Episodes. The Episodes are around 50-55 Minutes long and all episodes are available in Hindi, English, French, and some more dubbed versions along with subtitles. We are covering the Episode-wise recap of the show, and here goes the Recap and ending Explanation of Episode 3 of the show.

Episode 3 of the show starts with Werner, an officer, at ‘Marie’s’ house. When they were about to enter the house, Marie’s Uncle Etienne arrived there and he shoots one of the security officers. Werner then also shoots his senior officer. When Etienne asks why he killed his senior officer, Werner says that it’s a long story. Etienne takes Werner along with him, and they reach a safe hideout.

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The story now jumps to the past again, and here we get to see Marie and her father Daniel reaching Etienne’s home, and Marie meets with Etienne for the first time. Later on, we get to see that Etienne was in the army for a long time, and he regrets what he had done. When Marie hears the voice of Etienne for the first time, she immediately recognizes that Etienne is the Professor whom she used to listen to.

Later on, the story jumps into the present, where we get to see that Etienne is talking with Werner about his backstory. Werner here tells that he also used to listen to the Professor. Werner also tells Etienne that he was selected in the army and sent to the frontline due to his command on the radio.

Later on, we get to see that a lady tells the address of ‘Marie’ to the German officer who was looking for the ‘Sea of Flames’ stone. He was looking for that stone because he was suffering from some deadly disease, and only that stone can treat him.

The story goes back into the past again, and here Marie tells her Uncle Etienne that she knows that he is the Professor. Marie’s father then decided to make a whole map of the city on cardboard with buildings so that Marie can travel through the cities. After a great deal of hard work, Marie’s father Daniel completes the map. One day, a police officer came to Etienne’s house and asked why Marie’s father was calculating the steps in the city. The officer gets nothing.

Etienne then reveals that he is working for the American Army and he gives vital information to the Army and provides crucial inputs through radio broadcasts. By the end of episode 3, we get to see that Marie’s father is planning to leave Saint Malo to save Marie and Etienne. Marie’s father leaves Saint Malo and promises Marie that he will return very soon.

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The story then jumps to the present timespan again, where we get to see that Etienne’s group members are investigating Werner, and they are not ready to accept Werner into their team as he was the reason behind the various German deaths. All of a sudden, American troops reach the city and start bombing. Etienne’s group members try to kill Werner, but Etienne saves him at the cost of his life.

On the other hand, we get to see that an officer is at Marie’s house looking for the ‘Sea Of Flames,’ and the episode ends here.



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