All About New SBI ATM Card feature That Can Block Your Debit Card With Just One SMS

About New SBI ATM Card feature That Can Block Your Debit Card With Just One SMS: We always hear that some people lost his debit card and he was the victim of fraud as his card was misused by someone or someone took out all the money. Seeing this SBI has come up with a brand new feature that enables the user to cancel his debit card via SMS.

This feature is very handy and will be able to save many people from fraud. While the other methods which were used untill then are customer care call, net banking, and the SBI Quick app where the person can switch on and off the usage at the point of sale. This also featured the stoppage of international usage and was different from blocking the card.

Now SBI has done everything easy and handy to use as one can obtain many things such as bank account balance, mini statement, or you can also send a request for checkbooks, you can obtain the past six months’ account statement, home loan, and education interest certificates, etc.

SBI has done this keeping the safety of the customers in mind and thus wants everyone to stay alert on the messages that are sent by them to the customers.

Here’s how you can block your debit card in a few steps:-

1. Firstly log in to the official website of SBI with your official username and password. Here’s the website

2. Choose the “ATM Card Services and under the “e-Services” tab you will find that the Block ATM Card. Select this option.

3. All the cards which are active or blocked under your account will be listed. The first four and last four digits of the card will be visible on your screens.

4. Choose the card you want to block and click on submit.

5. You will be asked to verify the details. Once done you will get an OTP on your mobile number.

6. Enter the OTP. And then click Confirm.

7. A “success” message will arrive on your phone number with a reference number for future reference.

8. Make sure you have registered your number with the bank and if you haven’t done that then:-

Send SMS to 09223488888 and write REG<space>Your Account Number.

After registration
– Send SMS to 567676 by writing

BLOCK< space >XXXX

Note:- XXXX is the last four digits of your card number. After this, a message will be sent by the SBI team to your phone notifying you of the success of the blocking of your card. A reference number with a date will be sent to you via message.

This was the little info that can help you a lot during emergency situations, what are your opinion about it? please let us know in the comment section.


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